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Join our stakeholder network and see how the development of our AI-powered detection system for WEEE containing batteries unfolds in real time. 

By August 2025, GRINNER will to develop a stand-alone AI-powered product suitable for e-waste treatment plants, aiming to reduce ‘zombie’ batteries related fires by detecting and removing waste containing batteries. To reach this goal, we will invite our stakeholders to provide input in different stages by:

  • participating in three different workshops, including one during the live trials;
  • contributing to the development of training materials regarding new standards and methodologies that incorporate AI, data and robotics systems;
  • partaking in cohesion activities with partners from related Horizon funded programmes in the framework of AI, data

The stakeholders will also be the first informed about the project’s progress and latest developments. and robotics. 

Artificial intelligence is constantly pushing the boundaries of most industries and revolutionising the way we work on an everyday basis. Take part of this far-reaching development as AI enables us to create a technology aimed to reduce battery fires, save millions of euros and have a positive environmental impact. 

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Registration Form

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