On 13 March 2024, GRINNER partners met in Athens for the mid-project consortium meeting. It was a particularly rewarding one as participants could see the results of the first 18 first months of the project work materialising. Seeing the technology in flesh was also a perfect occasion to discuss its intricacies, requirements and plan for the next half of the project when it will be moved to GreenWEEE facilities for a practical testing and demonstrations.

The discussions focused on how to make the technology as efficient as possible in real life conditions and easy to use by a recycling facility stuff. A recycling plant is a harsh environment, so the machine needs to be shock-, dust- and liquid spills-resistant. On top of that the GRINNER machine is also meant to have a plug and play set up so that it can be easily shipped and installed.

The next in person meeting is planned for October in Romania at GreenWEEE facilities where the machine will be installed for the first testings. Once these are conclusive, the project partners will be able to focus on the exploitation tasks and promote the technology and its specifications more widely.

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