Curious about their determination to perfect the details of GRINNER’s AI-enabled robotic system, we asked project coordinator LYNQ to share their story with us.

Good day to the respected members of the GRINNER community. I am Danylo Prokopiv, holding the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at LYNQ. My professional journey in the realm of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) has spanned 18 years, and during this time, I’ve witnessed the evolution of technology and its profound impact on manufacturing. I firmly believe in the confluence of innovation and sustainability as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

LYNQ is recognized in the industry for its dedication to optimizing manufacturing processes and enhancing efficiencies through advanced MES solutions. For three decades, our mission has been to design and implement solutions that cater to both present and futuristic manufacturing needs.

Beginning our journey 30 years ago, LYNQ was established with the goal of integrating technology into manufacturing for enhanced operational excellence. Our commitment and continuous effort over the years have solidified our position globally as providers of reliable and adaptive MES solutions.

Within the GRINNER initiative, LYNQ MES has the privilege of serving as the Integrator. The pivotal responsibility of battery identification in the waste recycling process will be adeptly managed via our trusted LYNQ software platform. We focus on ensuring that the GRINNER initiative benefits from effective and streamlined solutions, in line with our standards of excellence.

LYNQ’s vision extends beyond conventional business goals. Associating with the GRINNER project aligns perfectly with our pursuit of technology-driven sustainable solutions. This collaboration not only showcases the potential of our software platform solutions in new arenas but also underscores the importance of sustainable approaches in today’s technological landscape.

As the CTO, I view the GRINNER project as an amalgamation of challenges and prospects, further emphasising the importance of combining advanced manufacturing systems with environmentally-focused initiatives.

In closing, while technology continues its rapid pace of advancement, our commitment at LYNQ to sustainable growth and innovative excellence remains a constant beacon.