With 13 projects on its portfolio, TWI Hellas is committed to working with entrepreneurial European SMEs to help them bid for collaborative public funding that could support turning technology concepts into viable projects. So we asked Nikos Panagopoulos, Senior Hardware Engineer with more 10 years of experience, currently managing the development of the GRINNER X-Ray inspection system, how the project fits into TWI Hellas’ repertoire.

TWI Hellas is a Greek-based subsidiary of TWI, one of the leading independent technology organisations with 80 years of experience in engineering, materials and joining technologies

Our TWI Hellas team started coming together in 2019 and has since become a multidisciplinary team of experts that doesn’t stop growing. TWI Hellas has a highly technological mission to fulfil by continuously working in advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud and digital engineering, X-ray technologies, volume-efficient data processing, model-driven data analysis and large-scale data management.

Apart from building and our technical expertise, with TWI Hellas’ continuous involvement in collaborative Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects, along with other R&D and industrial initiatives, we have assembled a dedicated team focusing on project management, market analysis, as well as dissemination, communication and exploitation planning.

TWI Hellas’s contribution to GRINNER is the development of the X-Ray system. Our team bases our work on the solid experience gained from previous projects focusing on X-ray imaging and robotics. In more detail, the work involves the deployment of an early X-ray testbed to conduct lab trials, creating a database of X-ray scans of WEEE, as well as integrating and deploying all the GRINNER subsystems.

Overall, by being part of this project and in collaboration with our partners, TWI Hellas aims to change the waste management landscape by minimising the environmental implications generated by battery fires, the contamination of nearby bodies of water from these fires and the amount of waste in general.